Randall Daniel

Randy’s passion is to helping his clients build wealth for a noble purpose.  His “why” comes from a meeting he had almost 15 years ago when he was working for an international non-profit as a Major Gifts Director.  During the meeting with a retired school teacher, she shared with him how she was able to make generous gifts to many non-profits.  The secret to her success was the great financial advice and disciplined long-term investing when she was a young teacher.  Her experience set Randy on his journey to become “that guy” who helps his clients in pursuing their long-term goals.  In addition to his passion working with individuals, Randy also enjoys helping business owners in exit and retirement planning, as well.  He has been married to Deborah over 25 years and they have four adult children.  When he’s not volunteering at his church or in the community, Randy enjoys a round of golf or a long bicycle ride in the country.