What We Do

The financial professionals at the Center for Wealth Management provide wealth management and investment planning services for individuals, trusts, corporations and qualified pension accounts.

Our Founding

The Center for Wealth Management was started with the vision of being a financial services firm offering professional wealth management to midsize investors in our region.

Over the ensuing years our disciplined approach to equity investing, market evaluation and risk management attracted a growing number of large individual investors and employee benefit plans seeking to preserve capital, accumulate wealth and manage risk.

Today we are a team of skilled professionals that uses our original concept to manage the wealth entrusted to us by individuals and corporations from coast to coast. We are proud to add that we can measure our success by the feedback we receive from our clients.

Our Wealth Management Approach

Wealth management involves a high-level of service that brings together financial and investing advice, retirement, estate and tax planning in order to help manage your entire financial spectrum. This service can involve all aspects of a person’s financial life and is a holistic approach to managing wealth.

Our approach starts with identifying what your goals are and evaluating your present financial situation to see what you need to work toward those objectives. Then we create a road map that will begin the process of moving toward those goals.

The next step is implementing your plan, followed by perhaps the most important step, monitoring your portfolio’s progress and making adjustments if they are needed. We take an active approach to managing your investment portfolio by taking into account current financial, economic and geopolitical events and indicators. This approach gives us the flexibility to adjust portfolios as necessary in an effort to mitigate risks. 

How we do what we do, our approach, has resulted in noteworthy expansion for our clients. More than that, though, how we mange wealth has been validated by the fact that our clients are pursuing their objectives with consistency.


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