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Tax Planning

Tax Planning and Strategies

We can help you decide on what types of investments could help you limit your tax liability.

Choosing the correct type of retirement plan is a major part to helping you save from paying the IRS from year to year. We are specialists in Retirement Planning. Whether it is a 401k for your corporation, SEP- IRA for your self-employed business or an IRA for you and your spouse, we will work with you to find out which option would best fit your needs.

Since we do not provide tax advice, we like to work with your qualified tax professional to make sure they agree with the plan we come up with for you. If you do have a qualified tax professional, we can work with them. If you do not, we do have people we can refer you.

Locally we refer to Global Tax Management. They are a full service accounting firm that can handle your accounting needs, payroll, tax preparation and a variety of other important services catered to your specific needs. Click on the logo below to take you to their site.

Keep in mind that you are not obligated to utilize their services. The services provided by Global Tax Management LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by LPL Financial.